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A very warm welcome to Class 2’s page!

In Class 2, also known as Beech Class, Miss Hurd is the class teacher. Mrs Woolford is the teaching assistant on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On a Wednesday morning, Mrs Woolford also joins us for Guided Reading.

Miss Redford, a PGCE student, is also joining us for the Spring Term.

BIG QUESTION: Is it fair?

Connected Curriculum Theme: Social Justice

Attitudes: Commitment to social justice and equity

Topic: Comparison between cultures (Great Britain and Africa)

Context: The life of an animal (Term 3) and human rights (Term 4)


Our topic during the Spring Term focuses on what fairness means with the learning questions of: What does fairness mean? What does it mean to be treated unfairly? What does it mean to be rich or poor in local and other contexts?

We will explore examples of what it can mean to be rich or poor in local and other contexts by making comparisons between cultures in Great Britain and Africa.

Throughout our topic, the children engage with developing the following oracy skills:

Communication - Children will be able to participate in discussions that affect self, others and the wider world by stating opinions and starting to give reasons for these in addition to listening carefully to others.



Making decisions - Children will be able to contribute actively and constructively to the life of own class and school. They will be able to take action when something is unfair.

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Our Brave Change-makers Project Outcome will be an African showcase as a fundraising event for our partner school in Uganda, Our child. The children will also have a trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.


Term 3 Learning

Core Text & Writing Core text: The Hunter by Paul GeraghtyNarrative: Write a finding tale.Non-fiction: Write a balanced argument on whether it is fair that animals are kept in zoos.                                                            Other cross-curricular writing:  Write to inform about poaching and write a recount on a real event (trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm)
Reading Skills Make predictions: I think that… because… This could mean that… This is similar to…Read fluently with greater expression and responding to punctuation. Extract meaning and draw inferences. Find and retrieve information. Discuss vocabulary.
Mathematics Multiplication, Division and Money (All linked to 2s, 5s and 10s)
Science Animals including Humans
Religious Education What can we learn from sacred books? (Islam & Christianity)
Computing The impact of IT (linked to media skills)
Physical Education Dance and tag rugby
Geography Mapping an area contrasting (European v’s non-European)
History Significant events in world history
Art Printing – African batiks
Jigsaw Dreams and Goals
Music Zootime by Joanna Mangona (Reggae song) and Beat Bus Music


Vocabulary Dozen
Poachers A person who hunts or catches animals illegally. Habitat The home of an animal or plant.
Welfare The health/ happiness of a person or animal. Employment Having paid work.
Continent One of several large landmasses. Motive A reason for doing something.
Endangered A species at serious risk of extinction. Captivity Being imprisoned.
Extinction A group of species that have no living members. National Park An area of countryside that is protected for the public or the preservation of wildlife.
Illegal Not allowed by the laws or rules. Savannah A grassy plain with few trees in tropical and subtropical regions.


 Year 2 home learning each week consists of: Learn Its! Spelling Patterns and Key Words, and Reading independently or with adult support.

Please click here to view our Curriculum Map. The Home Learning Menu and Weekly Spelling Test dates can be found in the Homework Menu.

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