Welcome to Class 2

Welcome to the Class 2 Page

I am Miss Beech, the class teacher and Mrs Thompson is our teaching assistant who works with us every morning.

Terms 1 & 2 were extremely busy!.  From our exciting trip to Berkeley Castle, all the way to our fantastic KS1 nativity. I’m sure you are all (quite rightly) very proud of your children; they’ve worked incredibly hard throughout both Term 1 and Term 2 and have made some outstanding achievements.

Year 2 is a huge step up from Year 1. The heightened curriculum expectations along with requirements for higher levels of independence and responsibility make the transition a challenging one.  I know you will have had some repercussions from this at home and I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated your constant support as we’ve worked through it.

I’m pleased to say that all of the children are now settled and working hard to year 2 standards. They have taken new responsibilities in their stride and continually impress me with their resilience, perseverance and their ‘give it a go’ attitude to new challenges. We’ve worked extremely hard on this throughout the term and now (surprisingly) regularly get cheers when it is time for a maths or spelling test. Most of the children see opportunities to show off their abilities and are not fazed by small setbacks or disappointments. Instead they see these as learning opportunities and amaze me with their fantastic attitudes to learning.

We are really focussing on the new ‘Learning and Life Skills’ curriculum introduced by the school in September and enjoyed our visit from Dr Tom Robson who was impressed by every member of the class knowing they were good learners and not afraid to take risks in their learning.

They have tackled the New Curriculum with enthusiasm; in particular, the children have coped well with new Spelling Rules, Number Ninja’s and Mastery Challenges as well as showing great progress in their writing targets. As a class they have also greatly matured; as well as becoming more independent in their learning and behaviour, they have become closer, more supportive and more encouraging of one another. This has been a pleasure to observe!

I am very excited about our topic next term, and I know that the children will enjoy learning about human survival.  I’m looking forward to continuing to watch each of them grow as individuals, making the most of who they are and what they’re capable of, and together we’re ready to face new challenges.


Plan for next Term:


Weeks 1-3 – The Storm Whale in Winter

We will be re-writing the story of the Storm Whale focusing particularly on our language and the quality of our writing. Children will be expected to use adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and conjunctions to add detail to their stories. We will also be looking at the use of different types of sentences and using a variety of punctuation. Children will get the opportunity to create character profiles and write setting descriptions for the Arctic.


Weeks 4-5 – Non-Fiction

As a class we will be researching the blue whale and home it is one of the most ‘extreme’ (in size) animals in the world, to fit with with our Extreme Earth topic. Children will be writing a report on the blue whale using features of non-fiction and a variety of sentences.


Weeks 6 – Poetry and assessment


Week 1 – Number


Weeks 2 – Addition & Subtraction


Week 3 – Multiplication & Division


Week 4 – Fractions


Week 5 – Time


Week 6 – Measures

Some of the terms we use in are lessons are new, here is an example of the language we will be using in class.



Other information

Useful links:

Phonics Play


Both of these websites above are useful for phonics and reading.


This website is useful if you need to do numeracy and need a number square.


This website keeps you up to date with new books and books of the month.





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