Welcome to Class 3

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A very warm welcome to Class 3’s page!

In Class 3, also known as Oak Class, Miss Hurd is the class teacher. Mrs Woolford and Mrs Thompson are the teaching assistants.

During the spring term, we are learning all about Invaders and Settlers. Historically, this is a vast period of the changing population of Britain; therefore, we will do two key things. Firstly, put these changes into context: building up a timeline. Secondly, having a focus on parts of this period and an overview of others.

  • Changes in Britain from the Celts to the end of the Viking era
  • The Roman empire and its impact on Britain
  • Britain’s settlement by the Anglo-Saxons
  • The emergence of the Viking era


In English, we are going to be writing narratives, poetry and cross-curricular writing, including non-fiction.

In Maths, we are focusing on learning our Big Maths Learn Its, Times Tables, Multiplication and Division, Money, Statistics, Length and Perimeter, and Fractions.

Year 3 home learning each week consists of: Learn Its! Spelling Patterns and Key Words, and Reading independently or with adult support. Each topic has a menu of activities that can be completed. Each topic is taught throughout a full term – 3 topics per school year.

Please see the posts to view our curriculum map and weekly spelling test dates.

Times table websites:


BBC Times Table game

Learn your tables

Underwater times tables

Make your own times table challenge!

Hundred square splat

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