Welcome to Class 4

A very warm welcome to Class 4: Fabulous Learners!

This year the class have decided to aspire to be ‘the best learners in the world!’ 

Mr Adams and Mrs Anderson are the class teachers. Mrs Anderson teaches Monday and Tuesday; Mr Adams teaches Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We have a continuous curriculum, and therefore we learn units across the week. The children say they are incredibly lucky because they have 2 teachers!

Mrs Robinson helps support teaching and learning by teaching reading in the morning and by providing well targeted support during a Thursday afternoon. Mrs Robinson will also help the children who are on the reading scheme to change their reading book.   

Year 4 home learning each week consists of: Learn Its! Spelling Patterns and Key Word, and Reading independently or with adult support. Each topic has a menu of activities that can be completed, each topic is taught throughout a full term – 3 topics per school year.

As a class we are great learners, we learn together and enjoy sharing our successes.

During the Autumn Terms our topic is ‘Belonging’. An inspiring way to explore who are we and where we belong. Who calls Bristol home and what makes people feel like they belong.

Please click here to view our topic map.

In Year 4 we are using a range of spelling strategies including phonic knowledge to support accurate spelling. Here is a copy of the Grapheme Chart we use.

We would encourage the children to learn spellings through an understanding of the word structure rather than memorising words for a test. Of course tests play their own part in the learning process, but deeper and long lasting learning means investigating words, word patterns and knowing the meaning of the words being learnt.




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