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Welcome to St.Helen’s SEND information page. On this page you will find lots of information relating to the provision of SEND and Inclusion and in particular the teaching of SEND at our lovely school.

As a school we will listen to any concerns that you have about your child/ren and can set up further meetings to plan additional support depending on the nature of your concerns. If you have any worries first and foremost please make contact with your child’s class teacher or please feel free to contact the school SENCO-  on the following email below at any time.


Click on the link below to read about what some of our SEND pupils and what parents think and say about life at St.Helen’s.

Pupil Voice

Please click on the link below to read some comments from OFSTED about our school and our work with our children.

Information Report September 2018-19 OFSTED Report

School Information Report: Please find below the link to our 2018-19  SEND Information report that details more information about SEND provision in our school. If you have any questions about SEND provision at St.Helen’s, please feel free to speak to the school office, who will arrange for the SENCO to speak to you in person.

We have split the SEND information report into 3 sections so that you can find the part the most relevant for you. If you would like the report in full please see the school office.

Information Report September Part 1 School Life

Information Report September Part 2 The Graduated Approach

Information Report September Part 3 Working with Parents Carers Communication

In line with the  SEN/D Code of Practice we have reviewed and  updated our SEN/D policy.We have tried to make the policy more accessible and hope that you find the policy easier to follow in  a ‘magazine’ style format which is similar to our SEN/D Information report and as such can be read in conjunction with our school’s SEN/D Information report.

SEND Policy 18-19

Please Note: This policy is reviewed annually and is due be reviewed by the school governors again  in December 2018.

IMG_3212  IMG_3214  IMG_3213

Please find below a list of our Teaching Assistants that work alongside all our children.

Teaching Assistants: 2017-18

Mrs C Bendall  Reception

Mrs P Sewell    Reception and Year 3

Mrs K Gear   Year 1

Mrs M. Derezynska  Year 1

Mrs F Kitson  Year 1 and Reception

Mrs N Burns Year 2

Mrs.Browning Year 2

Mrs A Thompson Year 2  Year 3 Year 4

Mrs N Woolford Year 2

Mrs F Wilding Year 3

Mrs J Robinson Years   5 and 6

In a staff meeting as part of the schools ongoing inclusion developments, the staff  were visited by Jackie Muggleton South Glos school’s dyslexia expert, who ran a staff meeting session looking at Dyslexia. The session included looking at how we can be a dyslexic friendly school and how we can help children with dyslexia. The session reiterated that we cannot make a diagnosis of dyslexia ourselves but reinforced that by working in partnerships, with parents and children, how we can as teachers and staff make school an enjoyable place where all children enjoy their learning by implementing specific dyslexic friendly strategies.  Please remember that if you have any concerns with any aspect of your child’s learning, please feel free to contact Mr.Chappell.

Supporting Parents


Please find information below for a group called: Supportive Parents. Who are a charity who provide information, advice and support to parents, children and young people about special educational needs or disability in Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire.

Supportive Parents

A message from Mr Chappell, our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO):

As well as lots of changes to the National Curriculum subjects this year, there have also been significant changes relating to the provision of SEN/D (Special Educational Needs / Disability). These changes became statutory in September once the SEN/D bill was implemented over the summer by the Department of Children and Families. One of the major changes was to develop a new SEN/D code of practice. To help you become familiar with some of these new changes, we have set up this page dedicated to providing information about SEN/D provision.

A statutory requirement of the 2014 SEND Code of Practice is for the LA (Local Authority) to outline to parents/carers what services are available and what support they can expect from a range of local agencies, including from the local authority, health services, schools, leisure services and the voluntary sector to support children with SEN/D. (Special Educational Needs/Disability.) As part of South Gloucestershire’s local offer the following questions and answers detail how we support the teaching and learning of SEN/D children at St.Helen’s CE Primary School and also form the basis of our first SEN/D Information statement. This is continually reviewed and updated. If you have any thoughts or questions about this information please feel free to email our school to make contact with our SENCO

Please find below the direct link to the South Gloucestershire Council’s  SEN page:


This will take you directly to information about Special Education Needs. The next link will take you directly to the local authority’s local offer page.


To help parents/carers become familiar with the changes to SEN/D provision please click the link below to read an information leaflet provided by the South Glos Parents and Carer Forum.

South Glos Parents and Carers_special_edition_Aug_2014_Newsletter1[1]

The 2014 SEN Code of Practice:


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